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Competitor of Season 2 of The Ultimate Agent Reality TV Show, Charity Fox has become a leader in the insurance industry. Her focus is on working with small businesses to design custom benefit plans for their employees at no cost to the business, as well as working with individuals to find the best-fit benefits for their unique situation. 


She enjoys networking, teaching others how to get their financial house in order, and motivating individuals to chase after their goals and dreams in life. Once a shy introvert, she has conquered her fears and has put significant effort into making herself known in the insurance industry. Her goal is to help others realize that they are the only ones who define who they can be. 


In her spare time, she is the mother to an amazing and talented daughter, runs an equestrian vaulting club, places and supervises exchange students from all over the world, and coaches' other women to shift into the mindset they need to accomplish all their goals and dreams. 

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