Pet Health Matching Plan

What's better than pet insurance? A pet health matching plan! Why is that? Pet health insurance is going to be priced off of your pets breed, age, and current health. You can also only put one pet on each plan. If you have more than one pet, that is going to add up fast. Not to mention, pet health insurance only covers certain things and so much of the cost!

A pet health matching plan is a plan that you contribute a certain amount to monthly. The first 6 months of the plan you won't see a gain. But once the account has sat for a while you will start to see the matching in the account. On the basic plan you would put in $40 for 36 months. By the end of that 36 months, you would have put in $1400, and the company would have matched $1100. This leaves you with an account balance of $2500 for use on any medical issues with your pet through a veterinarian office. There are no limitations on what or how much you can use it for as long as you are at a veterinarian office. Plus, you can put all domestic pets on the same plan! 

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